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A proposed new multi-storey car park rooftop hospitality venue for Chester city centre that shows the alternative sites that Chester has to offer investors.  

Grosvenor has submitted plans to transform the Pepper Street multi-storey car park to create a 13,000 sq ft city centre food and drink hub with a flexible events space to offer gym classes, a silent cinema, craft fairs, and even an ice rink. Subject to planning approval, the rooftop scene aims to offer a new, unique space for family friendly games, fitness activities, food and drink offerings and other bespoke initiatives.


Grosvenor Eaton Estate developed the plans for the rooftop leisure facility, which would see levels eight and nine of Pepper Street’s car park converted to house four repurposed shipping containers with food and drink concessions.


The proposed facility has been designed for up to 300 people providing a versatile outdoor space in the city centre. There would be 206 parking spaces provided for guests, with the scheme leading to a loss of 67 spaces on the car park’s upper floors to make way for the hub.


A bespoke sound system will be installed by specialists to ensure noise levels do not impact the neighbouring area. The venue will be DDA compliant with accessible ramps and lifts and access to it will be from the lift and staircase fronting Pepper Street, meaning that the other floors will be unaffected and will continue to operate as a car park.


Pepper Street, Chester


Grosvenor Eaton Estate

Total site area

13,000 sq ft

Suitable uses

Proposed leisure

Planning status

Planning application has been made

More information

Grosvenor Eaton Estate

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